World's a Mess

Every week or so, Alex Smith and James Kislingbury wade through the cesspool is that is the modern news cycle to find you chunks of solid gold-- Meaning mostly stories about crows and drunken brawls at fast food joints.
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Nov 29, 2016

EPISODE #12-- We get into the REAL episode 12. And hoo birds it's a humdinger. Still blissfully unaware of the outcome of the 2016 election, James and Alex launch into an episode full of dudes on LSD saving dogs, clowns getting stabbed, pranksters getting pistol whipped, topless selfie mayhem, and dudes that just want to save woodland critters and bone down. It's an episode about America. Thanks to, Newschannel 13, The Guardian, the Associated Press, Hood Clips, and the BBC. Thanks to all of our sources. Theme is "World's a Mess" by X. #SquirrelCrime #Clowns #ClownAttacks #DogsAndDrugs #LSD #Tussin

Nov 19, 2016

EPISODE 11-- We get into it. Alex and James, news-men-at-large, deal with their post-pre-election blues, namely how we're all, like, six months away from being The Road Warrior. Then they get into real news. There's a Cookie Monster stabbing, there's a sheriff gacked out on Xanax, there's a fountain of wine, and then there's a church that has a problem with fat people. Go figure. Thanks to Vice, the Gothamist,, Christian Post, and Paste Magazine. Theme is "World's a Mess" by X. Go buy "Under the Big Black Sun," will you? #RedTails #CostumeCrime #BadCopWatch2016 #Doom #Andrew316

Nov 11, 2016

EPISODE 10-- James and Alex take a deep dive into Canuck crime, more reasons to avoid Australia, and how modern society is fraught with demons. Oh and Trump is a scumbag. Thanks to all of our sources. Theme is "World's a Mess" by X. #WhatYourBuhHuhs #HydroxsForever #TictacGate

Oct 31, 2016

EPISODE #9-- Today at the news desk James and Alex wax on about America's current spat of clown crimes (and we're not talking about the election-- HI-YO!). We also get into more fast food mayhem, Walmart arson, and dumb, dumb drug stings. We also have a jag about abortion for some reason. Then we get into a documentary about feeders. Don't look it up. Thanks to all of our sources. Theme is "World's a Mess" by X. #McDonalds #Walmart #PeeCups #ToBeaverOrNotToBeaver #ArtsNCrafts #AmericanClownEpidemic

Oct 17, 2016

EPISODE 8-- Today on the news, Alex and James launch into the seamy underbelly that is the entire overbelly of Hollywood. It's a real dirt city. It's also overrun with costumed criminals. Somebody send help. We also delve into the dark world of European toilets and French fry crime. Thanks to all of our sources. Theme is "World's a Mess" by X. #Deadpool #SpiderMan #Hyphenates #ToiletPanic #ToiletTerror #FreedomFries

Oct 2, 2016

EPISODE 7-- Today Alex and James tackle America's single greatest threat: Clown crime. They also discuss mass reindeer deaths, sneaking into Canada, and Don Knotts. Because what the hell else are we going to talk about? Thanks to all of our sources. Theme is "World's a Mess" by X. #ComediaDellarte #ClownCrime #SouthernGothic #GaryGlitter

Sep 27, 2016

EPISODE 6-- This episode is a mess. It goes immediately south when James fails to properly vet a story and then, I don't know, guest star/provisional intern Sam Pritchard talks about turtles. Alex is somewhere in there, hiding in between room tones. Thanks to all of our sources. Theme is "World's a Mess" by X. #TurtleSex #Smuggling #Prosthetics #ShockCollars #PurpleDrank

Sep 12, 2016

Word's a Mess Episode #5-- Today Alex and James are joined by long time communist partisan and provisional intern Sam Pritchard. The gang raps about the slow leeching of America's greatest national resources, as well as. . .Mostly bowel movements. Then we talk about more fast food fights, crocodiles, and dumb marijuana crime. Theme is "World's a Mess" by X. #ButtLife #ButtBombs #Reaganite #Sasquatch #Florida

Sep 4, 2016

World's a Mess Episode #4-- We get right down to brass batarangs this episode. Alex and James dive into the wide world of white boy BS, from brains to batarangs. Then they examine the used panty underground, which turns out to be slightly less fun in practice than it is on paper.Follow James on Twitter @kislingtwits and Alex @girafftermath. Theme Song: "World's a Mess" by X. #BatCrime #BrainCrime #ThatUsedPantyLife

Sep 4, 2016
World's a Mess Episode #3-- James and Alex return with a two month old batch of news. As we figure out how hot the mics are and how to format the title of this show, we can safely say that we've figured out one thing: We have our own RSS feed and host, which means that this program will be on iTunes as a standalone show soon. Soonish. In the mean time, lay back and get ready for some white hot Florida News. #Florida #Sandbar #Blowjays
Sep 4, 2016
World's a Mess Episode 2-- Alex and James hit the news desk with a new crop of freshly cut news stories. We have bird news, we have firework-related injuries, we have breast feeding, we have bar farts. We have it all, folks. Also: Sorry about the levels. We're figuring this out. You'd think we would have it together after this long, but you would be wrong. Follow James on Twitter @kislingtwits and Alex @girafftermath. Theme Song: "World's a Mess" by X. Buy their albums.

Aug 31, 2016
World's a Mess Episode #1-- This is the pilot episode for a new show that host, James Kislingbury, and frequent guest, Alex Smith, are working on. The show is called "World's a Mess" and it's about the big stories the main stream media won't tell you about-- possibly because they involve animals getting it on. We won't ever know until you listen.
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